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Our mission is simple. To get you feeling better fast and back to enjoying the activities you love. Our approach is to deliver quality chiropractic care combined with rehab exercises and stretches to quickly alleviate your aches and pains. We offer same day appointments and a walk-in welcome schedule. We provide mainstream chiropractic care without any unnecessary long term treatment plans and unneeded therapies. Our office is conveniently located and insurance is accepted in our office making treatment very affordable.

We also offer massage therapy. Our therapists provide the highest quality trigger point and deep tissue work to relieve your muscle pain and tension. Dr. Jon and the staff have a genuine concern for your well-being and making sure you reach your treatment goals.

If you are new to our website, please feel free to discover and learn about chiropractic.

It's Your Life... Live it Healthy and Pain-free!

Dr. Jonathan Taffe
Apple Valley Chiropractors | Apple Valley Chiropractic and Rehab | 952-431-3003

Dr. Jonathan Taffe treats patients who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents and is featured in the chiropractic directory of Your Legal Guide, a consumer resource about legal topics such as how to choose a car accident attorney or personal injury lawyer.



Review By Our Satisfied Patient

  • "Dr. Jon is amazing. Friendly, professional, intelligent, and effective!"
    James Fromm
  • "Instant relief... Coming from a guy who REALLY doesn't trust any doctors. Thanks Dr. Taffe, for being affordable too."
    JP Armstrong
  • "Start with the best Chiropractor the first time and save yourself time, money and pain. You can trust Dr. Taffe and his team to take care of you in helping to reduce and eliminate your pain. They are simply THE BEST. I have been under the care of a Chiropractor for over 25 years and have NEVER been to a more dedicated and patient group of amazing people. Dr. Taffe genuinely cares about his patients and is committed, flexible and always shows compassion with a welcoming smile. He even came into the office on his day off to see me, when I really needed it. AMAZING! I trust Dr. Taffe completely with my Chiropractic care and so should you! Dr. Taffe with Apple Valley Chiropractic & Rehab is the RIGHT choice!"
    Danielle Peery
  • "They restored my flexibility on my right side so I can run and bike better"
    Marty Johnson
  • "AVCR is amazing! Dr Jon Taffe really takes the time to listen to my needs and focus on a treatment that works for me - He doesn't push his own agenda and try to get you to come in more than what is necessary. I have never had any such pressure going to AVCR. The staff is wonderful- always remembering who I am even if I'm only there every 6 months or so. There have been times where I desperately needed to be seen and they will do everything they can to get me in that day.. his treatments are super gentle and best of all- effective!! My husband also loves their massage therapist. Super cute new office too!"
    Amanda Greene
  • "It would be hard to find a nicer, more professional group of individuals!!
    They take Chiropractic care to another level. They actually care!!!"
    chad olson
  • "Dr. John is awesome! He always takes a lot of care to take care of you."
    Bob Clatterbuck
  • "Been to many Chiropractors and this is one of the best places by far. The new location makes them a top notch operation."
    Travis Morse
  • "Very straightforward and has a great approach- every appointment is at my pace and I'm not pressured to come back weekly. I leave feeling brand new!"
    Michelle Collins
  • "The staff at AVC&R are incredible! They are my choice to visit anytime my back/neck are giving me problems. I highly recommend them."
    Stephen Austin
  • "I have arthritis in my neck, bone spurs and general spinal degeneration that has caused me chronic pain for several years. For the last five or six years, I have gotten treatment from Apple Valley Chiropractic and it has been a miracle of pain relief for me! Dr. Taffe and his staff are extremely competent, flexible, and wonderful to work with."
    Tabitha Kulbitski
  • "I have seen Dr. John for years for periodic low back pain. I used to be terrified of going to a chiropractor and would not go but finally my husband convinced me to try it. Dr. John was so gentle and I have been getting relief from bouts of back pain ever since. It usually only takes 1 or 2 treatments and my back feels good again. Scheduling is easy too, thanks to Donna!
    Kathy Bryan"
    Jeffery Bryan
  • "I've been seeing Dr Jon Taffe for 4 years now, and his staff is so friendly! He's helped me with multiple issues. Both LeAnne and Amanda do great massage work too, using essential oils as needed. Can't say enough good about them! Highly recommended!!"
    Kristin Heath
  • "Dr. John was the best thru my pregnancy and right after baby was born. Made me feel comfortable and made the pain go away. He really knows his stuff!"
    Tatted Nirvana
  • "Dr. Jon is very through and very fun to be around. Their new office is very plesant to be in. The receptionist was very nice and very cheerful. I will be coming back every time i need back work."
    Conner Eggert
  • "I have been seeing Dr. Jon for many years now. When my back goes it really goes. Versus my wife who has many long-lasting back issues. On a recent occasion I couldn't even get in and out of my car? I had to waddle into his office huddled over like an old man (Ihave to admit I am 48). In a total of three sessions over four days he was able to get me back to my delivery job on Friday and literally saved me $300. My wife and I consider Dr. Jon a friend and I continue to send family and friends to him because I have the utmost confidence that he will treat them as friends also. Thank God for Dr. Jon!!!"
  • "Apple Valley Chiropractic and Rehab has a very professional, high quality staff, that gives excellent care. I have been treated by Dr. Jon for years for chiropractic needs. I also see LeAnne regularly for therapeutic massage. Having seen many massage therapists over the years, I can attest to LeAnne's skills and knowledge base. And Donna at the front desk always makes me feel welcome, in addition to knowing the nuances of insurance coverage for chiropractic care and massage therapy."
    Karen Turner
  • "After being afraid to see a Chiropractor for many years, I decided to see Dr. Jon on a recommendation from my daughter. After the first visit, I could move my neck without pain and felt so much better. Dr. Jon is very caring and gentle. He has helped me tremendously and without long treatment plans! If you have discomfort and are afraid, make an appointment with Dr. Jon. He will help you!!"
    Lori Anderson
  • "I have only have had amazing experiences here. Dr Jon is the best! Easy to get an appointment. He is honest and never tried to haggle you into another appointment unless he honestly feels it would benefit you and even then he says" let me know if you want another appointment". I have had repetitive motion pain and in just 3 visits with adjustments and kinesio taping, it is all gone and he gave me stretches to try to avoid. AND Amanda is awesome also! I got into an accident and between adjustments from Dr Jon and massages from Amanda, no more whiplash pain! You can't go wrong with this dynamic duo!"
    Meagan Umpleby
  • "Jon and Amanda are great to work with. I get massages from Amanda and adjustments from Jon. They are both so good at asking the right questions to make sure that you are getting the most out of your appointment. I recommend them to anyone looking for a great Chiropractor."
    Michelle Hoagland
  • "I have been going to Jon for over 5 years, and he is the best chiropractor
    that I have ever with on my back. Jon is very personable, and puts the needs of his patient first. He also has given me some very helpful insight as to what physical activities will be beneficial and which ones will hinder my progress. I would strongly recommend Jon Taffe for your chiropractor needs."
    Perry Lynum
  • "We loved seeing Dr. Taffe for chiropractic services. The staff are kind and generous with their time. Every one is knowledgeable and do professional. I know I can count on them to give me reliable service. So grateful to know them!"
    Jennifer German
  • "If you are looking for a chiropractor you don't have to be afraid of, this is the place. Dr. Jon doesn't try to force an adjustment or sell you a package of unnecessary visits. He assesses your situation and then takes the time to gently make a correct just right for you. I have had back problems since I was 17 yo and just finished a horrible round of abdominal surgeries for cancer. I couldn't have felt better about the care I received. I am an RN, so believe me when I say I have seen it all and seen them all. Dr. Jon and his staff are top notch!"
    Connie DiPietrantonio
  • "Dr. Jon is so gifted and effective with getting the kinks out of my back, neck, shoulder, hand, and leg joints for 8 years. He really listens to my concerns and does a very good job of explaining to me what is going on. I'm usually able to get an appointment quickly. Donna is so helpful and friendly at the front desk, and I feel welcome in the office."
    Rosemarie Johnson
  • "I highly recommended Dr. Jon! He is an honest healer! And his staff, Donna, offer a great customer service. I have used his service / advice now how several years. And I feeling much better!"
    Amer Kamal
  • "Called for an emergency injury in my back and Dr J got me in asap, which was so kind The adjustment was fast and effective, I will be back !!"
  • "He has earned every five star rating on here."
    Josh Cameron
  • "I was experiencing lower back pain. After one adjustment, I felt significant relief. After my second adjustment, I had absolutely no pain! I highly recommend Dr. Taffe and Apple Valley Chiropractic."
    Bill Simser
  • "Our family are all clients of Dr. Jon @ Amanda. They are helpful, flexible, incredible listeners and when pain is involved, do their best to get us in quickly. They have kept my daughter going in her competitive sports. Trust AVCR - they are second to none!"
  • "This chiropractic center has a very good atmosphere and has wonderful friendly service. They do not push you to come in multiple times over and over when maybe a quick adjustment is all that's needed."
    Travis Meier
  • "Would highly recommend! Very professional and only needed 3 visits based on doctors recommendation. No more upper back pain"
    Admiral Zues
  • "Amazing staff! Dr. Taffe and crew will get you back on track and in optimal health in short order. I can't recommend their compassionate, professional care enough."
    Ray G. Apple Valley, MN

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